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10 Must Pack Items for a Cruise

Packing essentials for life’s greatest moments. 1. Passport or birth certificate.  Because you’ll probably be visiting exciting ports in foreign countries, you’ll need to come prepared with identification. If you don’t have a passport, never fear: For closed-loop cruises (AKA those that both start and end at the same U.S. port), an original copy of your government-issued birth certificate may suffice. Just double-check here in advance to make sure it’s OK for each of the ports you’ll be visiting. And always remember to leave copies at home. 2. Carry-on. When you board the ship, you’ll want to start having fun right away. So while your luggage is being delivered to your room, keep the essentials (like a swimsuit, sunscreen, and some reading material) close at hand in a lightweight carry-on. Bonus: The extra bag doubles as a handy tote for whatever you need during shore excursions, or as a way to bring home souvenirs. 3. InstaSteam — You won’t find an iron in your stateroom (fire safety first!). InstaSteam Pod’s are TSA and Cruise Line Approved for travel, making InstaSteam the world’s first electricity-free & hands-free clothing steamer option, keeping you and your clothes fresh wherever & whenever life brings you! or Amazon 4. Portable charger.  Cameras, smartphones, and tablets aren’t much fun when their juice is gone. Make sure you bring device chargers and a portable charger that lets you charge on the go. 5. Formal attire. Days on-board (and on land) are pretty much come-as-you-are. In the evenings, the dress code is smart casual for ladies and pants and a collared shirt for men. For ships with formal nights, you’ll want to dress up. Ladies should bring a cocktail dress or nice pants suit, and men should pack a suit (tie optional). 6. Aloe vera.  In case you get a little overzealous with the sun-worshipping, you’ll be glad you remembered this skin-saving balm. Pro tip: Buy the spray-on stuff for easy application; just make sure to put it in your checked bag if you’re flying to your port of departure. 7. Quick-drying cover-up or pair of shorts. Because some shore excursions involve getting a little wet and wild, you’ll want a cover-up (or change of clothes), so you can ride back to the ship dry and comfortable. 8. The right mix of shoes. We know you won’t forget the flip flops, but make sure you toss some sneakers in your bag as well if you’re planning to work out or climb the onboard rock-climbing wall, dressy shoes for formal nights, and anti-slip, closed-toed water shoes for all of those active shore excursions. 9. Binoculars.  Sure, you don’t have to bring these, but with the amazing views you’ll encounter on deck and from your stateroom window or balcony, you’ll be really glad you can get a closer look. 10. Travel Size First Aid Kit. (No explanation needed)
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