4 Reasons To Steam Your Clothing

“4 Reasons To Steam Your Clothing”

What’s the worst part about laundry? Yes, that’s right. Ironing. Ironing is, simply put, no fun at all. Some would say it’s…the worst. Thanks to the creation of the steamer and InstaSteam, though, ironing is no longer a necessary household chore! Check out these 4 reasons and if by the end you’re not convinced, we won’t insist.

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Reason 1: It’s Faster
Ironing can take a whole afternoon, if you’re used to ironing several garments the same day. However, if you choose to do it on a daily basis, getting the wrinkles out of your outfit in the morning before work or school, ironing may just be too time consuming. You have to set up the ironing board, heat the iron and work your way around tough spots like buttons and collars. Or, you have to rush out in your wrinkled shirt. Yes, it may smell just like a fresh laundry pod, but a wrinkled shirt will just look unkempt.
Steaming, on the other hand, takes about half the time that ironing does. You simply hang your clothing on the rod or on a hanger and steam away the wrinkles.
Reason 2: It’s Easier
Where ironing requires you to turn your clothes, lay them out this way or that and approach the pieces from different angles to reach all the wrinkles, steaming is more…user friendly. It requires
less strength to get the wrinkles out and, definitely, less tossing and turning. There are, however, some measures you can take for your clothes to get out of the dryer less wrinkly than usual. You can use unscented dryer sheets for example, or you can get your clothes out of the dryer the instant they’re done and hang them. When doing laundry, it’s always good to plan ahead.
Reason 3: It’s Better For Clothes
Many people are unaware of the damage their irons do to their everyday clothes. When getting rid of wrinkles, the iron is actually crushing the fragile fibers of the textiles, and may cause damage to the clothes and shorten their lifespan. Since a steamer works with only slight contact with the clothes, it is far more gentle and less damaging.
Reason 4: More Uses
Irons are best for small pieces of textiles, often limited to unembellished clothing or small textiles like handkerchiefs and placemats. They are also the best solution for wrinkles on dress shirts and every other type of work shirt and leaves them crispy smooth. If that’s what you are going for and are a guy that wears suits almost everyday, then an iron is best for you. The same goes if you’re a woman that is used to wear shirts everyday or most days.
However, you can use a steamer to de-wrinkle beaded or sequined clothing, delicate fabrics, clothes with ruffles, pleats and frills and even curtains or tablecloths. In other words, an iron goes a long way for dress shirts but a steamer is better for every other types of clothing.
If you’re on the verge of buying a steamer, but are still not sure, we hope this post can tip you over and you can make the correct decision. Remember, caring for your clothes is more than just choosing which is the best laundry detergent or what is your favorite fragrance of dryer sheets. An effective laundry routine is part of a lifestyle. After all, putting on clothes in the morning is pretty much the only part of our routine that goes unchanged through our entire lives.

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