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InstaSteam Leads Into Multi-Million Dollar Partnership With Royalty Travel Solutions

InstaSteam and Royalty Travel Solutions, two major companies in the consumer products and travel industries, join powers to create a considerable partnership potentially leading to significant growth for both companies.

(ProNewsReport Editorial):- Las Vegas, Nevada May 26, 2022 ( – InstaSteam and Royalty Travel Solutions announced today that the companies have officially entered into a strategic partnership that can lead to hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue in the travel space for both companies. InstaSteam is aiming to position its electricity-free and eco-friendly steam pods in cruise ships, hotels, airport lounges, business lounges as well as many more travel locations and stores. While InstaSteam benefits from Royalty Travel Solutions’ members using the InstaSteam products and relationships with cruise lines, hotels, airports, etc., Royalty Travel Solutions benefits from InstaSteam’s customer base being the same demographic as well as being able to provide InstaSteam to all of their members as a benefit in both the memberships as well as in their own resorts, lounges, homes, and other owned locations.

InstaSteam is known in the consumer products and travel industries for such products as its InstaSteam Pods (electricity-free and eco-friendly steam pods), wrinkle release and anti-static sprays, and other clothing care and travel products.  “We are very excited to work with Royalty Travel Solutions and create a long-term successful relationship,” said Ari Hirsch, Founder & CEO, InstaSteam. “Teaming up with Royalty Travel Solutions to provide convenient and inexpensive travel accommodations and products to travelers will enable us to have InstaSteam available to them no matter where they are traveling.”

“This partnership reflects our desire to collaborate with companies that share our vision of providing cost-effective, convenient, and helpful products to people around the world,” said Royalty Travel Solutions. Royalty Travel Solutions and its different divisions, such as Royalty Travel + and Royalty Luxury Tours, are known for finding its members the best, least expensive, and most luxurious travel accommodations. They work with several other companies in the travel industry as well.

There is a lot that will be necessary to implement the vision that both InstaSteam and Royalty Travel Solutions have. Initially, Royalty Travel Solutions and InstaSteam will share many of their resources to prepare for the bigger game plan. There will be more news to come as the partnership progresses. InstaSteam might just be that next ‘Billion Dollar Idea’, a new business show featuring Ari Hirsch and InstaSteam on Fox Business Network searching for the next billion-dollar company.

About InstaSteam

InstaSteam is the first clothing steamer of its kind to come to market with patented and trademarked technology and design. InstaSteam is the world’s first electricity-free & hands-free clothing steamer that smoothes wrinkles and deodorizes in as little as 3 minutes using mineral-based, all-natural ingredients. Simply hang the garment in the bag, add water to the InstaSteam Pod, insert, zip… and dress to impress in as little as 3 minutes! One of the last holdouts of the old-fashioned approach to fashion, replace time-consuming trips to the dry cleaner and using an iron, with a quick, convenient, and refreshingly eco-friendly alternative. InstaSteam is also the first of its kind to be allowed aboard cruise ships and airplanes due to it being electricity-free and non-flammable, giving people a way to steam clothing that they have never had before. In addition, we are replacing all of the irons in hotel rooms with InstaSteam, with a minibar purchasing concept, in order to give people a more convenient option and the hotels a new revenue channel. Cruise lines are extremely excited to work with us as well, as we are able to provide their cruisers with an option that has never been available on cruise ships before, and similar to the hotels, they are able to produce additional revenue. We are taking over and revolutionizing the dry cleaning, iron, and steamer businesses all over the world.

About Royalty Travel Solutions

At Royalty Travel Solutions, we use our proprietary SOR software to obtain the best deals on Hotels, Airfare, Car Rentals, and Cruises, plus anything else you might need when you travel. We find the best deals and then bring those deals back to you. No matter where you are traveling, be it a local weekend getaway or maybe a tropical family vacation, or anything in between, we are here to help you. It is Our Mission to make sure that you are always getting the best deals available each and every time. 110% Guaranteed.

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