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How many pieces of clothing can be steamed in the garment bag at one time?

  • InstaSteam suggests only putting 1 garment in the InstaSteam Garment Bag at a time for best results. If the InstaSteam Garment Bag is stuffed with too many pieces of clothing the steam will not be able to properly distribute around the clothing to get the wrinkles out. Add more clothing at your own discretion.
  • Once the InstaSteam Pod is filled with water DO NOT zip lock the top of the Pod, leave it open as seen in the picture. Insert it at the middle-bottom of the hanging garment bag near the zipper with the Pod open.
  • Once filled with water, the InstaSteam Pod will activate within approximately 30 seconds to 2 minutes depending on the water temperature and storage temperature of the InstaSteam Pod. You will be able to hear and see when the Pod activates inside the garment bag if standing nearby.

Please allow at least 3-5 minutes to steam your clothing after activation. See below…

Guide: How Long To Steam Clothing?

  • Light Materials = Appr. 3+ minutes light button-down shirts, light/summer dresses, light pants, light skirts, etc.
  • Normal Materials = Appr. 5+ minutes – non-light shirts, skirts, dresses, pants, light suits, light jackets, etc.
  • Heavy/Thick Materials = Appr. 5-10+ minutes Thick jackets, suits, dresses, pants, skirts, shirts, clothing with a lot of material, etc.


  • For thicker and really wrinkled clothing you may add 2 Pods, one on each side of the garment bag for double steam.
  • All times are estimated and may vary depending on the type of clothing. You may know your clothing best and can determine the best steam time.
  • For clothing that is naturally wrinkled or creased and does not normally steam or iron well, InstaSteam may not work either.
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