Judged At First Sight (For People Judging or Being Judged)

Judged At First Sight (For People Judging or Being Judged)

Most people believe that they are first judged by their appearance, and clothing is an important part of that. Right?

When it comes to judging a person, are you failing to judge them properly by paying attention to their appearance first in place of abilities, intellect, etc.?

How important is dressing well when it comes to making a first impression or even any impression?

Foremost, clothing can at times reveal a person’s personality. Although a person’s abilities should normally be judged based on how well they can do the task at hand rather than their appearance, dressing well is pretty crucial. Again, a person’s appearance says a lot about who they are. A perfect scenario would be someone walking into an interview inappropriately dressed for the occasion or environment, and expecting the interview to go favorably. To the employer giving the interview, it seems as if the person might not care, is disrespectful, unorganized, etc. It definitely does not give off a good first impression. The way a person appears can potentially tell someone a lot about them. That first impression will be the impression that stays in the interviewer’s mind and will be what they associate you with.

Secondly, dressing well is not just important for a person’s image to other people, but can really affect a person’s mindset, confidence, how they perceive themselves, how they feel, etc. Not to say a person shouldn’t always be confident and believe in themselves. On the contrary! A person should feel confident and continue to feed their confidence.

But guess what? The way a person looks is not 100% of their appearance. The confidence and the way a person feels from the way they dress actually translates into the other half of their appearance. Appearance is the way a person’s body language, confidence, and clothing come across. The way a person looks and feels is the way that they will look and appear to other people.

-Mr. InstaSteam

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