Upgrade Your Travel Experience Instantly, With These 6 Hacks

Upgrade Your Travel Experience Instantly, With These 6 Hacks

1.) To “Rock” A Look, Always “Roll”
“To maximize luggage space and minimize creases, always roll your clothes when packing,” says Sloan Sheridan-Williams. Not only will your first-night wardrobe be ready to wear, but this technique also provides useful safe havens for delicate items like electric toothbrushes, razors, and portable accessories.

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2.)Sandwich Your Seats
If you’re traveling as a pair, always book “sandwich” seats — the aisle and the window seats in a row of three. Unless it’s a full flight, it’s unlikely that anybody will then pick the middle seat, ensuring you have the entire row to yourselves. If somebody does end up between you, simply ask to switch seats so you can sit next to your partner!

3.) Always Mark Checked Luggage As Fragile
“This is a great way to ensure that your baggage is handled correctly,” says Thompson. “Your luggage will be kept at the top of the pile because of this, which will make it one of the first bags to be released too.”

4.) Never Order Tap Water On The Flight Home
Speaking of hygiene here’s a damn fine excuse for having a beer instead of water on a plane. A study by the Wall Street Journal tested tap water on 14 international and domestic flights. They found everything from salmonella to tiny insect eggs. Likewise, don’t ask for ice if you’re flying from a country with a suspect water supply. The trays will have been filled there, not at home.

5.) Combat Jet Lag Before It Even Happens
“It might sound obvious, but leaving home well-rested will minimise any subsequent jet lag,” says Sheridan-Williams. “Ensure you have a relaxing 48 hours before your departure and pre-prepare a chilled playlist to help you zone out in-flight.”

6.) Cap Your Shoes
Whether your shoes are dirty when you’re packing them — or they get muddy during your trip — there’s an easy way to prevent them from marking the clean clothes they’re now bag sharing with, says Mark Sansom, editor of Food And Travel magazine. “Simply grab a cheap shower cap to place them in during transit, and prevent any dirt from getting on your clothing.” Packing a small tumble dryer sheet for a fresh smell in your luggage is always a good idea too.

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