Why You Might Want To Steam Your Clothes During Covid-19

Why You Might Want To Steam Your Clothes During Covid-19

Especially with InstaSteam, when it comes to clothing, the steam can naturally deodorize and kill most germs and bacteria. Using steam to clean your clothing can actually save them from shrinking, fibers being ruined, and can be extremely helpful on items that are not best suited to be laundered or dry cleaned.

InstaSteam actually takes steaming a step further. When it comes to a traditional steamer, most people tend to concentrate the steam on the areas that might be more wrinkled rather than steaming the entire garment, not to mention that the steam is only touching those specific areas for a short amount of time as the steamer is constantly being moved around the garment. Not only are fewer germs, bacteria, and odors being removed, but there are now spots on your clothing that were not cleaned at all.

InstaSteam solves all of these problems. You simply hang your garment in the garment bag, fill the pod with water, insert it at the bottom, zip it up and you’re clothes are nicely steamed and cleaned for you within a few minutes. As the garment and the steam are both contained inside the garment bag, the steam and heat are able to be properly distributed on the clothing allowing most odors, germs, and bacteria to be removed throughout the entire garment not to mention that InstaSteam has an option to have scents to give your clothing a fresh new smell. Unlike a traditional steamer, you never miss a spot with InstaSteam.

In addition, InstaSteam can also be used on things other than clothing as long as it can fit and be hung inside the garment bag. However, in a case where one might not be able to fit an item in the garment bag, InstaSteam can alternatively be used as a handheld steamer as well and be held under or be moved around whatever needs to be steamed.

Not only has InstaSteam been amazing for people in their everyday lives, but it has also been a safer alternative for people during Covid-19 allowing a contactless solution to freshening up their clothing whether at home or traveling. InstaSteam is allowed aboard airplanes and cruises ships due to its safety and is small enough to be taken anywhere.

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